Singapore tests

We are very grateful for the Neosil tests currently being performed by Pro Sail Asia in Singapore. Look at the amazing results they have been experiencing with Neosil.

Thank you Pro Sail Asia!

After 5 days

"We're diggin' this.. Under test, a new alternative coating for hull bottoms. We sail in what can be considered "a worst case scenario" as far as bottom growth goes. Warm, nutrient-rich, fast flowing waters are very conducive to barnacles and grass! On a naked hull, there's a high probability that you'll get a pin head shell developing within a day or two! Conventional anti-fouls here are effective only for a year.

So we are relishing this sample... 5 days in and it's only just slimy is encouraging to say the least. The advantage of this one is that it's silicone based and is a hard surface, so no leeching nasties into the water! This works by creating such a slick surface that things have trouble sticking onto it. Move along at 6 knots and whatever is on there will be washed off!

The hard slick surface is as beneficial to power as it is sailing boats. Skin friction is much less, doesn't absorb water, doesn't leech toxic chemicals... plenty of reason to like Neosil!

Our next round of testing comes with it going onto the bottom of a trimaran hull here and we're really looking forward to that.

If you'd like more information on how Neosil performs in our testing waters, please stay tuned or drop us a line... We digg it!"

After 6 days

"Neosil. Day 6. Now it won't be a revelation to anyone in 'normal' marine environment but for us a week in is a normally quite a mess with grass, jelly and micro - shells. So we have all the big chemical companies testing here in the worst case scenario. We're very interested in this as there is no poisoning involved. Cleaner bottom, cleaner environment got to be good! Thanks Neosil..."