How many liters do I need?

Please enter total surface area in square meter:

Liters of Neosil needed
(based on 1 layer of 140 micron WFT):

Liters of Neoguard needed
(based on 3 layers of 130 micron each WFT):

Liters of Neosilco needed
(based on 1 layer of 100 micron WFT):

You may also like to know:

Liters of Neowax needed for after care:


Calculate the surface area in m2

To calculate the surface area of the underwater part of your hull, please use the following formula:

Hull coefficient   x   length   x   (width + draught) = Surface area in square meters)

Hull coefficients:

Flat bottom = 1
Fin keeled craft = 0.5
Planing hull = 0.75

Length:   Make sure you measure the length at the water line (in meters)

Width:   Make sure you measure the width at the water line (in meters)

Draught:   this is the depth of the hull under the water line (in meters)

Please note:

* If you are applying through airless spray, please take into account an additional material cost of approximately 20%

* This is based on the Theoretical Spread of the products. Actual spread may differ due to a variety of influences such as the roughness of the surface.

If you are applying our products , please use the following products:


For spray application of Neosil
(Max 5% of your Neosil volume)

For Roll & Spray application of Neosilco & Neoguard
(Max 5% of your primer volume)